International Program
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International Program


The Cheryl Spencer Department of Nursing has English-language courses designed to provide International Students a learning experience outside their country.

Bachelor's Degree Students

The International Study Abroad Program for Bachelor degree nursing students is a semester-long, English-language program with theoretical/classroom courses taught on campus at the University of Haifa and clinical experiences taught offsite in hospitals and clinics located within the city of Haifa and other locations in northern Israel.

The clinical practicum is unique in that it employs experienced and devoted faculty and nursing mentors who use a variety of creative methods to coach and guide students through their clinical learning experiences. Nursing mentors are first and foremost nurses. They know their clinical sites as they are nursing staff where they provide clinical mentoring. Equally importantly, they are specially trained by the University of Haifa in providing clinical education. For questions on the clinical practicum, please contact the Head of the Academic Clinical Unit - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

General Program

Rules and regulations


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 Nursing Spheres of Influence: One-on-One, in Groups, and for Populations (June 8-July 2, 2015)

At the University of Haifa, we will be opening a four-week summer semester (taught in English), which includes three courses for registered nurses with a bachelor's degree and nurses already in Masters' Degree Programs. This semester provides an opportunity to join other international students in the city of Haifa Israel (situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea). These courses will discuss the rapidly changing landscape of health care, where nurses are a crucial part of the global workforce in hospitals, clinics and community settings.

Students have the option of taking up to three courses:
• World Health Issues and the Trans-cultural Role of the Health Professional
-Cheryl Zlotnick RN DrPH
• Field Experiences – Glimpses of the Israeli Health System in Practice
-Dalit Wilhelm RN MA
• The Patient-Professional Relationship: Beyond Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma
– Hadass Goldblatt MSW PhD